Directed by
Ludovico Di Martino
a Sky Original film produced by Groenlandia
  • Matteo Schiavone
  • Fabio Bizzarro
  • Andrea Gaia Wlderk
  • Francesca Alice Antonini
  • Gianmarco Saurino
  • Federico Tocci
  • Fabrizio Gifuni
  • Vanessa Scalera

Milan, 8 November, 2021. Sky announces the filming of TRAVELERS, the new Sky Original film produced by Groenlandia. Directed by Ludovico Di Martino (Skam Italia 3, The Beast) and written by Ludovico Di Martino and Gabriele Scarfone, TRAVELERS is an adventure film about a group of friends who time travel in a time machine to Benito Mussolini’s Rome of 1939.

The film stars Matteo Schiavone as Max, Fabio Bizzarro (The Knights of Castelcorvo) as Flebo, Andrea Gaia Wlderk as Greta, Francesca Alice Antonini (Gomorrah) as Lena, Gianmarco Saurino (Maschile singolare) as Beo, and Federico Tocci (On My Skin, La Squadra, Speravo de Morì prima) as Vulcano. Fabrizio Gifuni (We Still Talk, Human Capital) plays Luzio and Vanessa Scalera (Romulus, Dormant Beauty) is Dr. Sestrieri.

A group of friends on a mission to find the missing brother of one of them mistakenly activate a mysterious machine with which they time travel to Rome in 1939, where racial laws have been passed and fascist militias are everywhere. A journey back in time to the Eternal City on the brink of a new world war.

A journey through time in the eternal city

Director’s Notes

TRAVELERS is the most engrossing, personal, and complex movie I have ever worked on. I would like to thank Sky and Groenlandia for having trusted me to direct it to its full potential.