Groenlandia is a leading independent production company and one of Italy’s most active ones.

Born from the meeting of directors Matteo Rovere and Sydney Sibilia, its goal is to craft stories that revive and bring value to the great Italian audiovisual tradition, nationally and internationally.

Quality, creativity, innovation, talent appreciation and a commitment to making environmentally sustainable productions are at the heart of Groenlandia’s constant development. Successful works include the Masterclass and Ad Honorem – the two sequels of the I Can Quit Whenever I Want saga, Romulus & Remo: The First King, Husband and WifeMarilyn has black eyesThe ChampionRose IslandThe Beast, and the TV series Romulus.

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Ascent Film was established in 2003 by Andrea Paris, with the aim of becoming an independent film production company giving voice to new talents in Italian and European cinema.
In nearly twenty years, Ascent Film has produced short successful films and documentaries, which were repeatedly featured in major international festivals such as Cannes, Venice and Rome.

With producer-director Matteo Rovere joining the company in 2008, and Ascent Film becoming part of the Groenlandia Group, the production of feature films started, still keeping research, experience and enthusiasm as guiding lights. The company has since started working with many talented people with great commercial and artistic potential, and succeeded in keeping high quality standards and audience expectations together.
Author’s needs and the will to tell stories capable of crossing boundaries were always kept in mind. Those stories brought Ascent Film to establish new partnerships with producers, authors and directors from all over Italy, Europe, and the entire world.

Among Ascent Film’s productions: I Can Quit Whenever I Want (Sydney Sibilia, 2014), My Daugher’s First Time (Riccardo Rossi, 2015), The Ice Forest (Claudio Noce, 2013), See You in Texas (Vito Palmieri, 2016), Just Like My Son (Costanza Quatriglio, 2018), Ovunque Proteggimi (Bonifacio Angius, 2018), Romulus & Remus: The First King (Matteo Rovere, 2019), Shadows (Carlo Lavagna, 2020), Il Mio Corpo Vi Seppellirà (Giovanni La Pàrola, 2021), The Bad Poet (Gianluca Jodice, 2021), Una Relazione (Stefano Sardo, 2021), Ipersonnia (Alberto Mascia).
Up coming El Paraìso (Enrico Maria Artale).


Lynn is the new unit created in 2021 and dedicated to producing female directors.

Lynn produces movies and audio-visual works by both emerging and female directors, with no exclusion of genres and languages, for a cinema inspired by freedom, inclusivity and linguistical experimentation.