Groenlandia is a production company born from the meeting of directors Matteo Rovere and Sydney Sibilia, united with the intention of creating quality audio-visual products of international appeal.

Groenlandia is characterised by an editorial line based around stories: the classical auteur takes a step back to work alongside the creative producer, the screenwriter, and the financiers, each with their own objective, acknowledged and promoted by the production.
Groenlandia has produced many successful films including: Romulus & Remus: The First King, by Matteo Rovere, and the two sequels of the I Can Quit Whenever I Want saga, by Sydney Sibilia, Husband and Wife and An Almost Ordinary Summer by Simone Godano, The Champion by Leonardo D’Agostini.

Currently, Groenlandia is post-producing The Beast, an auteur action movie directed by Ludovico Di Martino and produced alongside with Warner Bros; the TV show Romulus, created by Matteo Rovere and produced with Cattleya, Sky and ITV (scheduled for 2020); The Incredible Story of Rose Island, fourth feature film by Sydney Sibilia and first Netflix Originals European production.


Ascent Film was founded in 2003 by Andrea Paris, aiming at becoming an independent venture able to give voice to new Italian and European film talents.

For the last 15 years of activity in both cinema and television, Ascent has produced successful features, short films and documentaries and participated numerous times in international festivals in Cannes, Venice and Rome.

Since 2008 Ascent Film, initially with the entry of Matteo Rovere, then by joining Groenlandia Group (2014), has engaged in the production of films always maintaining research, experience and enthusiasm as guidelines. The company is strictly linked to a group of talented individuals with a concrete artistic and commercial potential, aiming at meeting high quality standards and catering for the needs of public. All of this without forgetting the author and telling stories that overcome national borders through their themes and language: stories that have led Ascent to new collaborations with international co-producers, authors and directors.

Through the years, Ascent Film has also gained experience with the production of TV commercials, with great results as testified by the Bronze Lion win in Cannes for Renault’s commercial vehicle spot.