Groenlandia e Cineroma


Groenlandia, one of Italy’s leading independent production companies, has decided to make its services available to large international projects through a partnership with Cineroma. The partnership brings together the international outlook of the production company founded by Matteo Rovere and Sydney Sibilia with the professionalism and experience of Francesco Marras and David Nichols. This synergic combination of different skillsets and expertise can offer new opportunities and resources to international productions.


GROENLANDIA SRL is a production company born from the meeting of directors Matteo Rovere and Sydney Sibilia, united with the intention of creating quality audio-visual products of international appeal. Groenlandia is characterised by an editorial line based around stories: the classical auteur takes a step back to work alongside the creative producer, the screenwriter, and the financiers, each with their own objective, acknowledged and promoted by the production. Groenlandia has produced many successful films including: Romulus & Remus: The First King, by Matteo Rovere, and the two sequels of the I Can Quit Whenever I Want saga, by Sydney Sibilia, Husband and Wife and An Almost Ordinary Summer by Simone Godano, The Champion by Leonard D’Agostini. Currently, Groenlandia is post-producing The Beast, an auteur action movie directed by Ludovico Di Martino and produced alongside with Warner Bros; the TV show Romulus, created by Matteo Rovere and produced with Cattleya, Sky and ITV (scheduled for 2020); The Incredible Story of Rose Island, fourth feature film by Sydney Sibilia and first Netflix Originals European production.

CINEROMA SRL is a production service company. The company was started in 1998 by American producer David Nichols to provide complete production services for international producers wishing to film in Italy. We produce commercials, television and feature films, and can take your project from initial budgeting and scouting to full production management, casting, shooting, post production, and full legal and accounting services.


TAX CREDIT: We have implemented and monetized the Italian tax credit for numerous international FILM and TV productions and will handle all application procedures, cultural eligibility test, and financial reporting and accounting.

BUDGETING AND PRODUCTION PLANNING: Send us a script or an idea, and we’ll quickly produce a budget. Big budget, or ultra-low budget the process is the same and we work hard to make it work at the right price.

LOCATION SCOUTING: We have location scouts throughout Italy and access to huge photo reference libraries. Location options can be quickly provided. We offer the highest quality support for every kind of production anywhere in Italy.

SHOOTING PERMITS: We have filmed throughout Italy and have excellent relationships with local film commissions and permit offices.

CREW: Italian crews are first rate and have great experience with international productions. Italy’s cinematographers, production designers, and costume designers are respected worldwide for their excellence with a great selection of top level film professionals and experienced production team we bring together all the skills you need for great creative results.

PRODUCTION INCENTIVES: A complete and up-to-date overview of the production incentives available at national and regional level for filming in Italy along with details of funding amounts, upper contribution limits and application deadlines.



Matteo Rovere made his debut as director with the short Lexotan, winner of the Kodak prize at the Salerno Festival Linea d’Ombra. Other shorts and documentaries followed until 2006 when he won national and international prizes with Homo Homini Lupus, with Filippo Timi and Valentina Chico among which the Nastro d’argento for the best Italian short. In 2008 he made his first feature film, Un gioco da ragazze (Child’s Play), presented at the Rome International Film Festival. In 2012 his second feature film as director, Gli sfiorati (Touched), based on the novel of the same name by Sandro Veronesi, with Andrea Bosca, Miriam Giovanelli, Caludio Santamaria, Michele Riondino and Massimo Popolizio was released in Italian cinemas. This film had its world premiere in London at the British Film Institute Festival.

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David Nichols is an American Producer. Raised in England, he returned to the USA in 1975 And started in the film industry in Los Angeles working in commercials. In 1980 he returned to England and began working in London in commercials as an Assistant Director, Production Manager, and then a Producer. His feature film career began in 1982 as an Assistant Director on Merchant / Ivory’s “Heat and Dust” in India, followed by work as Location Manager and Production Manager on large scale feature films all over the world. In 1989 he became a features Producer, moving back to Los Angeles to work on major studio productions. Between feature films he continued to produce commercials on a freelance basis. In 1998 he moved to live and work full time in Italy. He speaks fluent Italian, French and Spanish.

He has worked with:
Baltasar kormakur / Woody allen / Tom Tykwer / Jean jacques Annaud / Hector Babenco / Peter Weir / James Ivory / David Lean / Roland Joffe


Francesco Marras – one of Italy’s top Line Producer, joined Cineroma as partner and head of production in 2003. Experienced in both feature films and commercials he has worked in the industry since 1983. Since 1991 he has worked as a Production Manager for many of Rome’s leading film and commercials companies with international directors, agencies and clients. Francesco speaks fluent Italian, English and French.

He has worked with:
Baltasar kormakur / Woody allen / Tom Tykwer / Martin Scorsese / Francesco Nuti / Christian De Sica / Michael Hoffman / Nicholas Roeg / Peter Hall / Alberto Sordi


David Nichols

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Francesco Marras

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