See You in Texas

Directed by
Vito Palmieri
Ascent Film
and Rai Cinema
  • Andrea Bazzoli
  • Silvia Beltramolli

Silvia and Andrea have just entered their twenties and are deeply in love. They live in Roncone, a small town in the Valle delle Chiese, in Trentino. As most of their peers, they love to hit the clubs with their friends and are constantly on social media. However unlike their peers, after those wild nights, they know they will not be sleeping overtime. Silvia and Andrea run and manage a farm together. Their days are dictated by a relentless routine. Silvia is passionate about reining, a sport she trains hard for. Her dream is to have her own field to train on and maybe one day perfect her technique in Texas, home of western horse-riding.

When she is presented with the chance to work and train for a semester in an overseas ranch, Silvia has a crisis and does not know what to do: to leave Roncone, Andrea, her horse and farm behind or to stay? Andrea also has to deal with two opposite pulls: to let her go with the risk of growing apart, or to hold on to her? This movie tells the life of the two and how this dilemma will challenge their relationship.

Screenplay by Francesco Niccolai, Vito Palmieri, Vanessa Picciarelli

RELEASE DATE: June 12, 2016

Awards and Honors

Biografilm Festival 2016: Biografilm Italia – Audience Prize

Shanghai International Film Festival 2016: Competition