Ritratto di
mio padre

Directed by
Maria Sole Tognazzi
Ascent Film
  • Ugo Tognazzi
  • Ricky Tognazzi
  • Gian Marco Tognazzi
  • Valeria Golino
  • Mario Monicelli
  • Ettore Scola
  • Michel Piccoli
  • Laura Morante
  • Pupi Avati
  • Bernardo Bertolucci
  • Sergio Cammeriere
  • Carlo Lizzani
  • Michele Placido
  • Maria Sole Tognazzi
  • Thomas Robsahm Tognazzi

The idea of a documentary on Ugo Tognazzi came from the desire to tell the life, the love, the passion, the successes and disappointments of the great actor and to reveal for the first time the hidden sides, the secrets and his less known works.

Ugo Tognazzi was a provocateur and a puzzling figure: he loved life and its pleasures, but also knew how to be tenacious, courageous and combative. He would always be himself, without excuses and embarrassment. His numerous interviews during his long career and those of his close ones are a testimony of this fascinating character.