Hanno ucciso
l'uomo ragno

Directed by
Sydney Sibilia
Sky Studios and Groenlandia
  • Elia Nuzzolo
  • Matteo Oscar Giuggioli

Pavia, late 1980s. Max loves comic books and American music. He’s a nonconformist in a small town where there is nothing to rebel against. In addition, after neglecting high school to pursue new friendships and punk nights, failure inevitably arrives.
This failure actually turns out to be a new, fatal opportunity: in the high school where he transfers, he has a new desk mate, Mauro. Music makes them inseparable. Thanks to Mauro’s driving force, Max embraces his talent and together with him composes the first songs that will be produced by Claudio Cecchetto. But when success overwhelms them, will Max and Mauro, so different, be able to stick together?