CertFin – “CyberSicuri” Impresa possibile

Client: ABI Lab

Agency: GMG+ Creative Production Agency

Executive Producer: Leonardo Godano

Line Producer: Cecilia Passa

Producer: Mario Di Fabio

Director: Daniele Brunelletti

DOP: Sammy Paravan

Production Manager: Giovanni Sabatini

Art Department: Gaia San Martino & Claudia Tozzi

Costume: Edoardo Rossi Caiati

Hair & Make Up: Beatrice Leucadito Müller


Cdp – Grøenlandia Film
Agency – Naïve

Director Marco Santi
DOP Stefano Usberghi

Exec. Prod. Grøenlandia Film – Leonardo Godano
Line prod. Grøenlandia Film – Cecilia Passa
Producer – Mario Di Fabio
Junior Producer – Paolo Gentilella
Post-Production Manager – Giovanna Ventura
General Organizer – Christian Scacco
Prod. Manager – Walter De Majo

Costume designer – Antonella Mignogna
Scenography – Caterina Pepe
1 AD – Ylenia Azzurretti
Food Stylist – Clara Campana

Original Cover Song – “Vorrei Che Fosse Amore”, ANNALISA // WARNER BROS. MUSIC edizioni Curci

Editing – Francesco Loffredo
Color – Orash Rahnema
Sound Designer – Matteo Bendinell


cdp Grøenlandia Film
agency Different Global

dir. Vittorio Bonaffini
ex. prod. Leonardo Godano
producer Mario Di Fabio
dop Leonardo Mirabilia


For more than 30 years, between Paris and Rome, Chloé Barreau has filmed her lovers.
While in a relationship, she was already documenting the memory it, writing letters, snapping photos, filming … But what about her former lovers? What is their version of the story?

This film reconstructs the life of a woman, the director, based solely on interviews of the people who loved her. Intimate first-hand accounts intermix with old mementos revealing the universal path of love.

Who to Love

Premiered at the Rome Film Fest – Freestyle section.

While performing in a live TV concert, Adalyn (Greta Scarano), who grapples with anxiety, depression, and extreme paranoia, experiences a dissociative episode. Her reality transforms, blurring the lines between past and present. Time itself seems to unravel as Adalyn’s haunting memories and nightmares weave into a surreal tapestry fueled by drugs and alcohol. The resulting shattered symphony is a harrowing representation of Adalyn’s mental state.

WHO TO LOVE is a long-form video created alongside a soon-to-be-released album by the same title. The film was written by and starring Grammy and Golden Globe-winning artist/producer Dave Stewart, with Greta Scarano and Mokadelic, directed by Giorgio Testi.

Executive producers – Dave Stewart, Leonardo Godano, Cecilia Passa

DOP: Luca Ciuti
Costumes Designed by John Richmond
Production Designer: Michele Modafferi

Like sheep among wolves

Vera is an undercover police officer. Her personality is strong and appears impermeable, toughened by her occupational hazards and marked by a painful family history. She is tasked with infiltrating an international gang of robbers, and discovers that among them is her younger brother Bruno, from whom she’s been estranged for some time. Bruno has just been released from prison, he’s broke and wants to partake in the heist to start anew with his daughter Marta.

After years apart, Vera and Bruno will find each other face-to-face, in opposite roles and obliged to keep the secret that bonds them: old wounds will resurface, and the pair will have to make some choices that will seriously jeopardize their goals.

El Paraíso

Julio (Edoardo Pesce) is almost 40 years old and still lives with his mother in the house they have by the river in the seaside area of Fiumicino, near Rome. The mother (Margarita Rosa De Francisco Baquero), forced to leave Colombia in her youth pregnant with her son, is a strong woman with whom Julio has a complicated, symbiotic, deep and morbid relationship.

A bond that leads them to share everything, from a passion for Latin American dancing to working as drug couriers. A bond that will be disrupted by the arrival of a young Colombian woman also involved in trafficking.


On August 26, 2010, in Avetrana, a small town on the edge of the holiday destination called Salento, a young girl leaves home never to return. Her name is Sarah Scazzi, she is 15. The whole town is in turmoil, especially her cousin Sabrina, a beautician who is waiting for her, in her house in Via Deledda, to go to the beach later that afternoon. But while everyone is looking for her, Sarah has disappeared into the void, buried at the bottom of a well where she will be found forty-two days after her disappearance, in what will become a real life horror show with intimate secrets and unspoken grudges.

Directed by Pippo Mezzapesa, who also wrote the screenplay along with Antonella Gaeta and Davide Serino in collaboration with Flavia Piccinni and Carmine Gazzanni.

“This is not Hollywood – Avetrana” stars Vanessa Scalera as Cosima Misseri, Paolo De Vita as Michele Misseri, Giulia Perulli as Sabrina Misseri, Federica Pala as Sarah Scazzi, Imma Villa as Concetta Serrano, Anna Ferzetti in the role of the journalist Daniela, with Giancarlo Commare as Ivano Russo.

The series is based on “Sarah: la ragazza di Avetrana” book, written by Carmine Gazzanni and Flavia Piccinni and published by Fandango Libri.


Osso is a volunteer watching overthe protected area around the Delta of the Po river , a fascinating yet ghostly swamp. One day a group of Eastern European poachers arrive and when he realises Elia is amongst them, his life gets ruffled. Elia was in fact an old friend who ran away many years before and is still in love with his wife Anna, with whom he had a relationship. Osso tries to maintain some sort of peace but the criminal offences of Elia’s gang and the residents’ hostility will force Osso to face the scariest ghost from his past.

Screenplay by Massimo Gaudioso, Fabio Natale, Anita Otto e Michele Vannucci
DOP: Matteo Vieille
Producers: Matteo Rovere e Giovanni Pompili

Mixed by Erry

Mixed by Erry, written and directed by Sydney Sibilia, and produced by Groenlandia with Rai Cinema.

A tale of passion and dreams that starts in a street-level apartment in Naples and turns into an incredible international adventure. In the mythical Italian town of the 1980s, where Maradona is worshipped like a god, Enrico “Erry” Frattasio and his brothers Peppe and Angelo create an empire with the cassettes Erry makes for his friends. A sensational feat that will change their lives and Italy’s very definition of piracy, bringing music into the lives of everyone.

The three Frattasio brothers are played by Luigi D’Oriano (Erry), Giuseppe Arena (Peppe), Emanuele Palumbo (Angelo). The movie also stars Fabrizio Gifuni, Francesco Di Leva, Greta Esposito, and Cristiana Dell’Anna.

The cinematography is by Valerio Azzali, set design by Tonino Zera, costumes by Valentina Taviani. Casting is by Francesca Borromeo (u.i.c.d.).

The movie, produced by Matteo Rovere, is a Groenlandia production with Rai Cinema. It received the support of Regione Campania, Fondazione Film Commission Regione Campania, and Genova Liguria Film Commission. It will be distributed by 01 Distribution.