Marco, Guido, Leo, Luisa, Gaelle, and Mattia have different mothers. They are not all biological children of the same father but have one true father figure of reference: Manfredi Alicante. When the latter passes away, they all find themselves together for the first time in their father’s house in Bordeaux, experiencing the illusion that they can become a united family. However, by now each of them carries with them a history, an identity, and going back will not be easy.

A dark story

Vito and Carla have been divorced for a few years. They loved each other very much before jealousy and violence destroyed their love. Now Vito has a new life and Carla has a new partner. The only bond is their three children Nicola, Rosa and little Mara. But the feeling of having avoided a foretold tragedy still hangs over Carla. When Mara asks to have her father by her side on her birthday, Carla, to make her happy, invites him to dinner. Despite the fear, the party goes surprisingly smoothly: they laugh, joke, and unwrap presents together. However after that night there was no news of Vito. He disappears into thin air without a trace. It will be the police who will shed light on his disappearance.

Justice will be entrusted with the mission of finding out the truth about what happened. But is there really only one, clear, irrefutable truth in such cases?

No Activity: Nothing to Report

Two criminals in the middle of a heist are waiting for important information. Two officers stationed in their squad car peer into the dark, waiting for their misstep. At the station, two radio operators are linking up with the squad car, ready to report movements and start the bust that will lead the traffickers into handcuffs and the cops to glory. The operation is at its peak, the tension is cut with a knife — ears alert, eyes on. A noise! something moves. The three couples prepare for action, ready, alert! And in fact all of a sudden it happens. Nothing. Nothing happens at all! It has been like this every night for more than a week now.

This is a crime thriller that does not “thrill”, despite the fact that our protagonists would like nothing more.
They would like to be inside Gomorrah or The Departed, and instead … All they can do is wait for something to happen by sharing cramped work spaces for hours, days, weeks. A forced coexistence similar to what happens to billions of people around the world every day, forced to share desks, oxygen and company cafeterias with people they wouldn’t even speak a word to outside of there: their coworkers.

Virgin Active – 20 years

Senior Copywriter – Chiara Ferini
Director – Mattia Molinari

Executive Producer – Leonardo Godano, Cecilia Passa
Prod. Manager – Giovanni Sabatini
Producer – Paolo Gentilella
Unit Prod. Manager – Annalia Silecchia

Dop – Ondrej Andrešič
Color grading – Orash Rahnema
Sound editing e Mix – VoxFarm
VFX – Artificio Post

Styling – Domiziana D’Onghia
1AD – Gabriel Reyes
MuA – Mary Parpinel
Set design – Martina Nardulli


Client Nice S.p.A.
Agency AD010

Dop Ondřej Andrešič
Executive Producer Cecilia Passa
Production Manager Annalia Silecchia
Editor Riccardo Pesare
Sound designer Lorenzo Travaglini
Costume designer Michela Bazzardi
Set designer Marta Ridolfi, Anita Ricci


DOP: Leonardo Mirabilia
Executive producer: Leonardo Godano
Producer: Cecilia Passa, Mario Di Fabio

Holmes: Guglielmo Favilla
Watson: Pietro Romano

Costume designer: Noemi Intino
Set designer: Gaia San Martino, Claudia Tozzi
Mua: Martina Camandona
Hair: Agnese Colotti
Edit: Artificio Post

Agency: PicNic


The series freely inspired by the life and career of Rocco Siffredi, played by Alessandro Borghi.

The story is freely drawn from the true life of Rocco Siffredi and his direct testimonies.
At the heart of the story are the untold aspects of the porn star, a profound tale that runs through his life since childhoodHis family, his origins, his relationship with love, the starting point and context that led him to pursue his path in pornography. Alessandro Borghi is Rocco Siffredi in the series about the life and career of the Italian porn star.

The series also includes Jasmine Trinca, Adriano Giannini and Saul Nanni in the roles of Lucia, Tommaso and the young Rocco, respectively. Created and written by Francesca Manieri, the series is directed by Matteo Rovere, Francesco Carrozzini and Francesca Mazzoleni.


After leaving her family in her teens, Antonia has found a kind of balance in Rome, an urban and emotional jungle that is perfect for fitting in without having to explain too much. But on her 33rd birthday, Her defense plan fails: she fights with everyone, gets fired, has no idea where to spend the night, and ends up in a hospital, where she discovers that she has endometriosis, a chronic disease that she has probably always had, and that has undoubtedly affected her entire life-her choices and desires-making it impossible for her to truly be herself.

The discovery of the disease becomes an opportunity to get to know herself by following a strange path of psychotherapy. To survive, she must stop running and learn to stay, to manage all the knots in her life, and to find her own authentic and personal way of being a woman. Rome. In Italy. In this world. Today.

CertFin – “CyberSicuri” Impresa possibile

Client: ABI Lab

Agency: GMG+ Creative Production Agency

Executive Producer: Leonardo Godano

Line Producer: Cecilia Passa

Producer: Mario Di Fabio

Director: Daniele Brunelletti

DOP: Sammy Paravan

Production Manager: Giovanni Sabatini

Art Department: Gaia San Martino & Claudia Tozzi

Costume: Edoardo Rossi Caiati

Hair & Make Up: Beatrice Leucadito Müller


Cdp – Grøenlandia Film
Agency – Naïve

Director Marco Santi
DOP Stefano Usberghi

Exec. Prod. Grøenlandia Film – Leonardo Godano
Line prod. Grøenlandia Film – Cecilia Passa
Producer – Mario Di Fabio
Junior Producer – Paolo Gentilella
Post-Production Manager – Giovanna Ventura
General Organizer – Christian Scacco
Prod. Manager – Walter De Majo

Costume designer – Antonella Mignogna
Scenography – Caterina Pepe
1 AD – Ylenia Azzurretti
Food Stylist – Clara Campana

Original Cover Song – “Vorrei Che Fosse Amore”, ANNALISA // WARNER BROS. MUSIC edizioni Curci

Editing – Francesco Loffredo
Color – Orash Rahnema
Sound Designer – Matteo Bendinell