Who to Love

Directed by
Giorgio Testi
Dave Stewart Entertainment and Grøenlandia
  • Dave Stewart
  • Greta Scarano
  • Mokadelic

Premiered at the Rome Film Fest – Freestyle section.

While performing in a live TV concert, Adalyn (Greta Scarano), who grapples with anxiety, depression, and extreme paranoia, experiences a dissociative episode. Her reality transforms, blurring the lines between past and present. Time itself seems to unravel as Adalyn’s haunting memories and nightmares weave into a surreal tapestry fueled by drugs and alcohol. The resulting shattered symphony is a harrowing representation of Adalyn’s mental state.

WHO TO LOVE is a long-form video created alongside a soon-to-be-released album by the same title. The film was written by and starring Grammy and Golden Globe-winning artist/producer Dave Stewart, with Greta Scarano and Mokadelic, directed by Giorgio Testi.

Executive producers – Dave Stewart, Leonardo Godano, Cecilia Passa

DOP: Luca Ciuti
Costumes Designed by John Richmond
Production Designer: Michele Modafferi