Journey of the Angel

Directed by
Sergio Leszczynski
Ascent Film
with Rai Cinema
  • Sergio Leszczynski
  • Vladimir Vasiljevic

Sergio and Vladimir go on a journey together to the locations where the wars in the Balkan states took place in order to visit the places where, 15 years ago, two peoples who had cohabited peacefully until then, suddenly found themselves on opposing sides.

Il viaggio dell’angelo, directed by Sergio Leszczynski and produced by Ascent Film in collaboration with Raicinema and the German production company ZDF, presents itself as a ‘road-documentary’, somewhere between reportage and a traditional documentary. It is an individual and collective journey inside the conscience and spirituality. A tale of friendship and the love of life told over the notes of ‘Balkan rock” that beats the rhythm of youths taking their future into their own hands through actions.

Shooting of the documentary Il viaggio dell’angelo began in former Yugoslavia.