Like sheep
among wolves

Directed by
Lyda Patitucci
Groenlandia with Rai Cinema
  • Isabella Ragonese
  • Andrea Arcangeli

Vera is an undercover police officer. Her personality is strong and appears impermeable, toughened by her occupational hazards and marked by a painful family history. She is tasked with infiltrating an international gang of robbers, and discovers that among them is her younger brother Bruno, from whom she’s been estranged for some time. Bruno has just been released from prison, he’s broke and wants to partake in the heist to start anew with his daughter Marta.

After years apart, Vera and Bruno will find each other face-to-face, in opposite roles and obliged to keep the secret that bonds them: old wounds will resurface, and the pair will have to make some choices that will seriously jeopardize their goals.