Bisolvon Duo
Momenti Senza Interruzioni

Directed by
Edoardo Lugari
Ascent Film

Bisolvon Duo is the focus of a new commercial make by Groenlandia for the Publicis Italia agency.
In the film we witness a slice of life of a family out for a walk in the park. The child and the dog are enjoying themselves playing with a Frisbee and something extraordinary is about to happen under the eyes of the parents which however is missed by the mother who is overcome by a coughing fit followed by an annoying sore throat.

Bisolvon Duo is recommended as way of not missing out on the best in life, ensuring uninterrupted moments.
The commercial will become the international communication support for Bisolvon Duo in Europe with digital assets and POP created by the Italian team and made available in all countries. The campaign is set to go on air on the main networks, Google and Facebook.

DOP: Timoty Aliprand
ON AIR: November, 2019