Basco Rosso

Directed by
Claudio Camarca

Basco Rosso, the docu-series directed by Claudio Camarca and produced by Groenlandia, on Rai1 late night starting Monday, April 3, for four episodes. The story of training to join one of the Carabinieri’s most important elite units, the Squadroni Eliportati Cacciatori, engaged on the front lines in the fight against organized crime. For the first time ever, and exclusively, the cameras enter the barracks where aspiring Hunters undertake this tough and highly professionalizing path to specialization. Four weeks to live in the Tuscania barracks in Livorno, under the guidance of experienced instructors to acquire the accomplished mastery of defined subjects and particular and indispensable military techniques. Once this first training cycle is over, only selected participants reach Calabria and Vibo Valentia, to the operational base located inside the “Luigi Razza” heliport.

Here, the Tuscania instructors are joined by some of the Cacciatori di Calabria squad leaders, and the second phase of the training kicks off: another three weeks after which the last test is scheduled, the final and decisive examination to select those who have passed the course and can boast the Red Beret designation. Author of the docu-series, along with Claudio Camarca himself, is Nicola Vicinanza, creative producer Emanuele Cava, and editing is by Alessandro Lacialamella and Pierluigi Darino. Rai delegate Mercuzio Mencucci.