A breath of air

Directed by
Alessio Lauria
Groenlandia with Rai Cinema
  • Aldo Baglio
  • Lucia Ocone
  • Giovanni Calcagno
  • Ludovica Martino
  • Davide Calgaro

Two proud and distant brothers, a disputed inheritance, and a past that comes knocking at the door again. When he learns of the death of his father, with whom he has had no relationship for many years, Salvo (Aldo Baglio) embarks on a journey to his native Sicily. The goal is to convince his brother Lillo to sell the family farmhouse to save his pizzeria on the verge of bankruptcy (a secret he has kept even from his wife and children). But the task will be far from easy, and Salvo will be forced to come to terms with all his choices.

A bittersweet comedy about family relationships and how we never stop growing, even in our 50s.


Note di regia

The director’s preference was simplicity: stylistic devices were kept to a minimum, and camera movements inserted only when functional to the story. The protagonist runs away from Milan and his problems to get some fresh air in the small village in Sicily where he spent his childhood.
The director went along with this narrative by moving from a handheld camera – imperceptible, almost not at all jumpy – with telephoto shots and a massive use of wings – to render the claustrophobic feeling in which the protagonist finds himself in Milan – and then, once he arrives in Sicily, making more use of still shots with more open optics and without too many wings, a language that helps the audience directly experience the feeling of break and relaxation felt by the protagonist upon his arrival in the small town.