directed by Luca Vecchi

Luigi, Matteo and Luca have known each other since they were kids. Their little group of friends hangs around the house that the three of them live in on the outskirts of Rome. They are almost 30 years old: it’s about time to start taking things more seriously, to figure out what they are going to do with their lives. They live hand-to-mouth spending entire days smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee and talking nonsense sitting at their kitchen table, doing everything in their power to avoid responsibility at all costs.

But time passes for everyone and they are no exception, so they are forced to take a closer look at themselves.

Matteo discovers that his father, who ahs been a plumber all his life, has decided to try his hand at “creativity 2.0”. Unable to understand the need for creativity, Matteo feels overwhelmed and realizes something he had never taken into consideration: he won’t be able to smoke weed anymore.

Luigi is starting to feel the weight of getting older, he stresses about food, about the decline of his body, but the last straw comes when a kid on the street calls him, “sir”. Something snaps and hurls him into a mid-life crisis and he wants to be 15 years old again.

Luca, bored with his life, is perhaps the only one actually looking for something to do to fill his days. He meets Giulia at a party. She’s a great girl, one in a million, who knows how to have fun, is sexy, smart and carefree. Unfortunately she has a severe addiction: she likes to work. Secretly, without telling anybody, Luca breaks down to temptation and soon becomes a workaholic putting his friendship with Luigi and Matteo at risk. They had made a solemn pact to “never give in to the system”, in other words, they swore they would never set their alarm clocks to 7:00 in the morning to go to work.

The three of them will fight tooth and nail not to surrender to the elusive passage of time that seems to be racing against their greatest desire: to be true, authentic, honest-to-goodness slackers for ever.


Luca Vecchi


Groenlandia Film


Matteo Rovere


Luca Vecchi

Luigi Di Capua

Matteo Corradini

Margherita Vicario

Giancarlo Esposito

Francesca Reggiani