directed by Sydney Sibilia

Pietro Zinni is thirty five years old, a researcher and a genius. But this is not enough. When cuts are made at his university, he is laid off. What can a nerd do to survive when he has spent his whole life studying? The idea is dramatically simple: put together a criminal gang such as the world has never seen. So he recruits the best of his ex-colleagues, who despite their skills are by now all living on the margins of society, one working as a gas station attendant, one washing dishes, one a poker player. Macroeconomics, Theoretical Chemistry, Anthropology and Classics all turn out to be perfect for climbing the gangster career ladder. Success is immediate and explosive: finally, they have money, power and women. The problem will be managing them.


2015, March, Premio Cinema Giovane (festival): Premio “Cinema Giovane”, Best Debut Film Award
2014, December. Asti Film Festival:
Creative Award for Screenplay; Best Cast in a Feature Film
2014, December. Capri Hollywood Festival: Carmelo Rocca-Future Producer Award (Matteo Rovere)
2014, November. “Vittorio De Sica” Award for Italian Cinema (competition): Italian Cinema Vittorio De Sica Award (Sydney Sibilia)
2014, October. Incontri del cinema d’Essai – FICE (Italian Repertory Cinema Association) (exhibition): FICE Award for Best New Director of the Year (Sydney Sibilia)
2014, September. Kineo “Diamanti al cinema Italiano” Award (competition): Best Debut Feature Film Award
2014, September. Satira Politica Film Festival: Satira Politica Film Award (Sydney Sibilia)
2014, September. Reykjavik International Film Festival: Discovery of the Year: the Golden Puffin Award
2014, September. Trailers Film Fest (competition): Best Promotional Campaign; “Coming Soon.it” Award for Best Poster
2014, July. Est Film Festival: Audience Award for Best Feature Film
2014, July. Magna Grecia Film Festival: “Colonna d’Ora” Award for Best Debut Film
2014, July. Ortiga Film Festival – OFF: Special Mention Jury Prize
2014, July. Tuscia Film Festival: Pipolo Tuscio Cinema Award (Sydney Sibilia)
2014, June. Ciak d’Oro (competition): Ciak d’Oro Award for Discovery of the Year (Sydney Sibilia); Best Poster Award  (Federico Mauro)
2014, June. Ciné – Giornate estive di Cinema Festival:Cinéciak d’Oro” Award for Comedy of the Year
2014, June. Globi d’Oro (competition): Award for Best Comedy
2014, June. L’Isola del Cinema Festival: Audience Award for Best Debut Film
2014, June. Nastri d’Argento (competition): Falconeri Award – Nastri d’Argento Style and Elegance (Valeria Solarino); Best Producer (Domenico Procacci); Best Producer (Matteo Rovere)
2014, June. Festival delle Cerase: Discovery of the Year Film Award
2014, May. Premio Simpatia (competition): “Simpatia” Award for Film (Sydney Sibilia)
2015, March. Cinema Giovane Film Festival: Cinema Giovane Best First Feature Award
2015, March. BAFF – Busto Arsizio Film Festival: 2014 BAFF Made in Italy City of Busto Arsizio Award for Best Film; 2014 BAFF Made in Italy – Digitalia ’08 Award for Best Debut Film


2014 September. Premio Kineo “Diamanti al Cinema Italiano”: Best Comedy; Best Debut Film (won)
2014 September. Trailers Film Fest: Best Poster (won); Best Italian Trailer
2014 June, Ciak d’Oro: Ciak d’Oro Award for Discovery of the Year (won); Best Supporting Actor (Paolo Calabresi); Best Poster (won); Best Producer, (Matteo Rovere – won); Best Producer (Domenico Procacci – won); Best Score (Andrea Farri); Best Film Editing (Gianni Vezzosi); Best Screenplay (Andrea Garello); Best Screenplay (Valerio Attanasio); Best Screenplay (Sydney Sibilia)
2014 June, Globi d’Oro: Bset Comedy (won); Best Film
2014 June, Nastri d’Argento: Best Actor (Edoardo Leo); Best Casting Director (Francesca Borromeo); Best Casting Director (Gabriella Giannattasio); Best Comedy; Best Producer (Domenico Procacci – won); Best Producer (Matteo Rovere – won); Best Debut Director (Sydney Sibilia)
2014 May, David di Donatello: Best Film; Best Direct Sound Recording (Angelo Bonanni); Best Supporting Actor (Libero De Rienzo); Best Supporting Actor (Stefano Fresi); Best Supporting Actor (Valerio Aprea); Best Actor (Edoardo Leo); Best Original Song; Best Film Editing (Gianni Vezzosi); Best Producer (Matteo Rovere); Best Producer (Domenico Procacci); Best Debut Director (Sydney Sibilia); Best Screenplay (Andrea Garello); Best Screenplay (Sydney Sibilia); Best Screenplay (Valerio Attanasio); Best Visual Special Effects


Sydney Sibilia


Ascent Film


Matteo Rovere


Edoardo Leo

Valeria Solarino

Valerio Aprea

Paolo Calabresi

Libero De Rienzo

Stefano Fresi

Lorenzo Lavia

Pietro Sermonti

Sergio Solli

Neri Marcorè