directed by Vito Palmieri

Silvia and Andrea are in their early twenties and they are in love. They live in Roncone, a small town in the Valle del Chiese in the province of Trento. Like many of their peers, they love going to clubs with friends and are always connected to social networks. But this is where the similarities end: the morning after a night on the town, they won’t be able to sleep in; they have to get up early to clean the stables and feed the pigs. Silvia and Andrea own a farm they work themselves. They have pigs, horses, and a donkey. Three times a week, Andrea churns cheese, and every day he delivers fresh, homemade bread to the neighboring homes while Silvia tends to the horses. Their days run on a relentless schedule that they have accepted willingly because they love animals and life in the open air. Silvia has a passion for reining; a style of horseback riding that requires a lot of training. Her dream is to have her own field where she can train whenever she wants and perhaps perfect the technique in Texas, the home of Western riding.
When the opportunity to work and train for six months in a ranch in the US presents itself, Silvia falls into a slump and doesn’t know what to do: go and leave everything she has in Roncone, Andrea, her horse, the farm, or stay? Andrea also has to contend with two opposing forces: let her go and risk losing her or try to convince her to stay? The film tells the story of the lives of the couple and how their relationship will be put to the test by this dilemma.


Biografilm Festival 2016: Biografilm Italia – Audience Award
Shanghai International Film Festival 2016:
In competition


Vito Palmieri


Ascent Film


Andrea Bazzoli

Silvia Beltramolli