directed by Riccardo Rossi

Alberto (Riccardo Rossi) is a doctor with the National Health Service. He is a neat freak, has been separated for ten years and is completely devoted – heart and soul – to his 15-year-old daughter, Bianca (Benedetta Gargari).

One day, like every other day in his extremely organized, methodical and orderly life, he is thrown off balance out of the blue: he secretly discovers in an entry in Bianca’s diary that his little girl is about to fall in love for the first time.

Alberto panics. It hadn’t even entered his mind that the time would come for his daughter too: the apple of his eye…

He decides to take action to try and stop the “foul deed” from happening, or at least try to explain to his daughter how “it should be done”, and invites his closest friend to dinner, Marina (Fabrizia Sacchi), a gynecologist at the clinic where he works and – in Andrea’s mind – an expert in adolescents, hoping that she will discourage his daughter from “making a terrible mistake”.

At dinner, unwanted and unexpected guests join in, Giovanni (Stefano Fresi), Marina’s indiscreet husband, and Irene (Anna Foglietta), a psychologist and Andrea’s coworker whom he detests because she is the exact opposite of him. They find themselves talking about their own first times but none of the experiences seems to give Bianca the educational slant that Alberto had hoped for to make her understand, between the lines, that this isn’t the right time for her yet.

Things don’t go as Andrea had hoped and what was to be an “informative” dinner becomes a circus, a passionate “group therapy” session that will change the relationship between father and daughter forever…


Riccardo Rossi


Ascent Film


Andrea Paris e Matteo Rovere


Riccardo Rossi

Anna Foglietta

Fabrizia Sacchi

Stefano Fresi

Benedetta Gargari