Groenlandia was founded after meeting between director/producer Matteo Rovere, producer at Ascent Film, and Sydney Sibilia with the desire to compete within the Italian mainstream and the clear intent to innovate without losing the narrative structure that should always be the bedrock of an audiovisual product. The traditional writer takes a step back at Groenlandia and is flanked by the creative director, a screenwriter and financial backers, each with their own objectives and evaluated and approved by the producers.

Groenlandia’s objective is to produce quality comedies and audiovisual products, pursuing principles and practices based on the stories, and placing the values of the individual characteristics of each product before those of the actors.

Groenlandia productions are centered on writing, narrative dynamics and dramatic composition with the absolute certainty that the audiovisual, film and similar entertainment industries are in need of a return to the narrative.

The characteristics that make a production company stand out are a streamlined, young and dynamic structure that includes collaborations with up and coming writers and screenwriters in Italian cinema. From a corporate point of view, the newly established Groenlandia is controlled by Ascent Film and can therefore count on the experience and organizational efficiency acquire in its over ten years of activity.

Ascent Film is one of the most creditable and enduring independent film companies on the Italian scene. Founded in 2003 by Andrea Paris, throughout the years he has produced a vast number of quality short films, feature films and documentaries while always keeping an eye on the evolution of the market and new, up and coming audiovisual filmmakers.

Thanks to the experience it has gained in these sectors, Ascent Film is currently reinforcing its “lightness” and becoming a veritable “talent warehouse” with the objective of becoming the parent company of future generations of independent producers and filmmakers. Ascent is aimed at being the “searchlight district” of the group, offering a home and a place to grow to new generations, increasingly necessary for the development of the recent, regenerated, high quality audiovisual sector.

Ascent Film is always on the market – national and international – on the lookout for new actors, experimental and Film Festival films, state-of-the-art, innovative and unique technology, willing to listen to and give a financial hand to young and talented directors who have a hard time finding a serious and reliable representative in the complex journey of development and financial backing for independent films.

The write is the focus of Ascent Film’s editorial policies with the knowledge that innovative formats, languages, ideas, and techniques are evolving continuously but they aren’t enough without the creativity and sensitivity of the individual artist. Ascent Film pays close attention to experimental and emerging writers, documentaries, unique formats and cutting edge technology with the aim of becoming a driving force in the development of films, including those that are less mainstream.

Visibility at Film Festivals and following the international independent market closely are other important elements of the Ascent Film strategy designed to attract not only writers but also investors and institutions that are attentive to quality audiovisual products.

In its ten years of activity in film and television, Ascent film has produced short films and documentaries that have met with great success with audiences and critics alike. It has participated with its own productions at international film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Venice and Rome, to name the more important ones. Since 2011 it has begun to produce feature films keeping its editorial policies intact: research, experience and enthusiasm.
The company has created bonds with a group of exceptional artistic and commercial talent, combining high quality standards to the demands of audiences without neglecting film d’auteur and their great artistic value and telling stories with themes and languages that reach outside the box leading Ascent Film in a direction towards new collaborations with European, national and international producers, writers, and directors.
In recent years, Ascent Film has also specialized in producing television commercials with great results proven by the Bronze Lion ‘Business Booster’ Prize won at Cannes for the communications industry for the automotive product, Renault.